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Guangxi Huana Exhibit at the 3rd Guangxi Inventions Exhibition and Trade Fair

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        Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Vice Chairman Huang Ribo speech
        November 29 , the results of the third Guangxi inventions Trade Fair ( hereinafter referred to as " Exhibition of Inventions " ) opened in Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Centre .
        Vice Chairman Huang Ribo regional government attended the opening ceremony and announced the results of its third Guangxi Invention Exhibition Fair opened. Guilin Municipal Committee, NPC director Zhao Yue Qin speech. Guilin Mayor Jun-Hua Huang , autonomous Science and Technology Department , party secretary Chen grams , autonomous intellectual Secretary Li Changhua , Tian Wendong , deputy mayor of Nanning , Nanning Municipal Technology Bureau Qinyong Wu , deputy director of the Liu Wenbo and other leaders attended the opening ceremony .
        Exhibition about the outcome of the invention of this invention to create 1500 , our new product CCS Series participated in the exhibition , product technology innovation to overcome the calcium carbonate filled polymer surface modifier in heat discoloration during processing problems and provide a heat-resistant surface-modified calcium carbonate technology , simple operation, used in industrial production of low cost , with better technical and economic benefits 。 Vice Mayor of Nanning , Guangxi Tian Wendong learned Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co。, Ltd。 is one of the nation's largest manufacturer of nano calcium carbonate , said after the most abundant limestone Guangxi region , to take advantage of the characteristics of the mineral resources in Guangxi , more innovative products for social and economic development make due contributions 。

        This invention exhibition organized by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region , Guilin City People's Government , autonomous Intellectual Property Office of Science and Technology Department and co-host , display time from November 29 to December 2 JCP four days , set sequence hall and 18 representatives group exhibition, about 500 exhibitors and institutions , the exhibition area of about 9,000 square meters, about 1,500 exhibitors projects , involving 14 billion dollar industry in the field , 10 strategic emerging industries and traditional handicrafts , tourism, culture and other industries , including enterprises, universities , research institutes, social inventors and inventions in the primary outcome .

Vice Mayor of Nanning Tian Wendong ( left) and Nanning Municipal Technology Bureau Qinyong Wu ( second from right ) in front of the booth to hear Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduced performance

Vice Mayor of Nanning Tian Wendong listened Details

Vice Mayor of Nanning Tian Wendong ( middle ) and Science and Technology Secretary Qinyong Wu ( right) tour

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